Nokia Video Converter

Nokia Video Converter 1.2a

Watch videos on your cellphone


  • Simple conversion process
  • Create phone profiles
  • Frame cropping


  • Poor screenshot tool
  • Not many formats supported

Very good

Nokia Video Converter allows you to convert and watch videos on your mobile phone.

This Symbian video converter makes the whole movie conversion process very easy. Nokia Video Converter designed to convert movies from popular files formats and from a DVD in just a few clicks, preserving picture and sound quality as best it can. The application's interface is very clearly labeled with large buttons for adding video, adding DVD, playing, and converting.

You get a great deal of control over your conversions in Nokia Video Converter. You can choose which specific device or devices you want to optimize the movie for. There are a number of devices listed in the program, but it doesn't include some of the newer Nokia models. Thankfully, you can add your own, using the app's Profile Editor.

The preview window in the center of the Nokia Video Converter interface allows you to play the file and choose the in and out points (you can, of course, choose to convert the entire video if you want).

Nokia Video Converter also includes a screenshot feature (albeit a pretty lame one) for grabbing a picture of the screen.

It doesn't cover the full gamut of movie formats, but Nokia Video Converter does make it quick and easy to convert files in some of the most popular formats for watching on your phone.

Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
Nokia Video Converter


Nokia Video Converter 1.2a

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